Swiss Gun Center is a 2000 m2 sports complex dedicated to training and training in the fields of shooting, tactics, unarmed constraints and physical preparation.

Take off in perfect safety and enjoy a magical moment above our magnificent valley…Unforgettable colors and an exceptional panorama are yours for the taking during this special baptism!

Take off by mountain bike on nearby mountain trails, but don’t forget to wonder at the beauty and surprises in store for you: an alpine chalet, a panoramic view of a lake, a rocky cliff, cows and their offspring…

Experience the unique sensation of a sled dog excursion accompanied by professional mushers just an hour from Geneva!

Imagine the snow crystals sparkling in the sun, overlooking a sea of puffy clouds or Lake Geneva, with nothing but the alps and the Mont Blanc in the distance…

A thousand leagues from everyday life… A snowshoe excursion at nightfall.

Dreaming of multifaceted nature, discovering exceptional Alpine panoramas, climbing a peak or exploring life in a mountain farm.

And off you go into the blue yonder equipped with a belt and a long lead connected to your dog’s harness! Perfect for encouraging children to walk with the aim of sharing a special moment with their four-legged companions.

Feel like a different kind of hike? Since 2003, our guide has offered a chance to combine hiking with sophrology – an extremely gentle approach to physical activity.

Three types of raft descent are offered depending on your expectations and level of expertise. these are assisted by state-certified instructors.

Discover a gorge in lush alpine surroundings. a demanding canyon that in just two hours offers the best this sport has to offer: jumps, abseiling, toboggans…

Supping or stand up paddle boarding is a type of surfing that comes from Hawaii, standing on a long, wide board that is propelled forward using a wide paddle.

We offer water skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating and tubing.

This is the most recent board sport. using a traction kite + surf-type or wakeboard, kitesurfing offers the most incredible sensations and feeling of freedom.

Sailboarding is sometimes regarded as a sport that is hard to learn. Wrong! With the right equipment and our teaching methods, you’ll soon be independent and having a whale of a time.

The mah as you’ve never seen it before. You thought you knew the MAH? That was before Jakob Lena Knebl was invited by MAH director Marc-Olivier Wahler as the first guest curator in a series of major “carte blanche” exhibitions designed to multiply the public’s relationship with the museum and interpretation of its collection.

From Tuesday March 2, we invite you to rediscover the MAMCO collection, as part of a physical “inventory” in which all the museum’s curators participate – according to a plural methodology that refers to the constitution of this set. .

The Cité du Temps in Geneva offers a timeless interlude through original art exhibitions, a gallery dedicated to Swatch or simply relaxing with a drink.

Treat yourself to an experience encompassing 500 years of watch history at the patek philippe museum in plainpalais.

For enlightened amateurs or beginners in the realm of modern and contemporary art, mamco is the biggest, the youngest and most contemporary art museum in switzerland.

Mesurant 27 mètres de haut et 40 mètres de diamètre, le Globe est un repère visuel inédit de jour comme de nuit.

Discover the world of the cern, its unusual experiments and its monumental accelerator complex, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Meet the scientists who build and pilot these extraordinary machines.

Discover a site dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, the artist and man.

Would you like to relive a few of the great moments from the olympics? To buzz with the champions? The world of the games in all its dimensions is open to you.

A museum that is unique in all the world with an inestimable heritage. Testimonies to humankind’s greatest intellectual and spiritual advances are brought together as part of this permanent collection…

The Museum of Art and History invites you to join a journey through time. Inaugurated in 1910, it features some of the greatest museums in switzerland, with collections of archaeology, applied and fine art in particular.

Geneva’s ethnographic museum groups one of the two most important ethnographic collections in switzerland.

Geneva, home of the Red Cross, shelters the only museum devoted to the work of Henry Dunant.

The reformation turned the history of europe upside down. created in 2005, thanks to a wonderful collection of objects, paintings, books and manuscripts, the international museum of the reformation exhibits living traces of christianity’s key religious movement.

The Maison Tavel is the oldest private house conserved in geneva!

This guided tour of the city is the perfect way to discover geneva. the excursion will introduce you to the most famous international organisations and the city’s main tourist attractions.

Welcome to the magical and surprising world of hot air balloons! Take height and discover the Swiss landscapes from a nacelles.

Journey along picturesque lake geneva to lausanne, vevey, montreux & chateau chillon.

Combine your love of chocolate and cheese with your passion for travel on this day trip to Gruyères from Geneva.

Nicknamed the ‘Venice of the Alps’ this wonderful town is the jewel of Alps. Colourful buildings perched next to waterways house endless restaurants, bistros and boutique shops.

A legend in the eyes of mountaineers from all over the world, chamonix is a chic, typical mountain village at the foot of the mont blanc…

With our Interlaken day trip from Geneva you’ll get to experience the wonders of this region on an exciting excursion selecting the very best of Interlaken –truly and experience of a lifetime.

Speed along on a sporty mastercraft and enjoy Lake Geneva to the full. A completely different perspective of the city from western Europe’s largest lake.

Are you a fan of things that are original and unusual? Seek out new horizons and encounters with the artisans and craftsmen who are the backbone of Geneva’s uniqueness and creativity.

Climb aboard a magnificent 20th century ford car and discover Geneva in a way that you have never before experienced.

During this visit, you will travel in the history of Maison Laurent Ferrier and will visit the workshops exclusively.

Discovering the Rhône, somewhere between a cruise and a gourmet experience.

We offer a total immersion in the fascinating world of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. Thanks to the practical and theoretical teachings of a master watchmaker, you discover the mysteries of mechanical movement.

Surrounding the city, the countryside of Geneva remains authentic and unspoilt – an amazing discovery in its own right… but to find it one has to leave the beaten track.

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