Yoga Retreat

Relax, Release, Receive Retreat

La Réserve Genève is offering Yoga Retreat weekends with Jeff Grant, internationally renowned yoga teacher, sports and mental coach. Jeff Grant’s key aim is to help you to unleash your full potential, to achieve your objectives through your mental and physical strength and to overcome moments of stress, overwork or inactivity. Jeff Grant has devoted himself to the world of yoga and endurance sport since the 1990s. Since then, he has explored a number of different types of yoga, been involved in various extreme endurance challenges and studied music – all experiences that will assist in guiding you towards greater peace and the fulfilment of your well-being. 

CHF 900 excluding accommodation
CHF 1,700 with 2 nights in a Superior Room (1 person)

  • 8 au 10 février
  • 22 au 24 mars
  • 12 au 14 avril
  • 12 au 14 juillet
  • 16 au 18 aout
  • 13 au 15 Septembre
  • 11 au 13 Octobre
  • 15 au 17 Novembre
  • 13 au 15 Décembre

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