Wellness experts

Wellness experts

This fall, La Réserve Genève is inviting four experts to prolongs the benefits of vacation time…Preserving the sense of well-being instilled by the vacation vibe, managing the energy thus regained, refusing to be overcome by stress… La Réserve Genève is hosting four wellness experts this fall in a bid to ensure that this ’ back to work’ period remains a pleasurable experience.

Dominique Lonchant
From September 15th to 21st 2018
Dominique Lonchant is a Pranayama Yoga instructor who has been developing his own breathing method for around 40 years. When properly controlled, breathing is a useful means of developing respiratory capacity, we well as leading a healthier and more fulfilled life. Designed for athletes, singers, actors – as well as all those suffering from sleep disorders, stress, asthma or the toxic effects of pollution –, Dominique Lonchant’s method achieves spectacular results.

Mohamed Bouazza
Thai Boxing
November 5th to 7th 2018
Two-time French Thai boxing champion Mohamed Bouazza has been practicing this sport from a very young age. An extremely complete martial art and combat sport, Thai boxing develops coordination and suppleness, while energizing the muscular and cardiovascular systems. 

Pierre Clavreux
Kiyindo - Shiatsu®
September 22nd to 30th 2018
After several years of Shiatsu Yin training, Pierre Clavreux wanted to adapt shiatsu to Western culture. He thus gradually developed his specific art of touch, Kiyindo-Shiatsu®, designed to enhance the circulation of energy throughout the body and to release tensions. The dispersion/toning technique achieved via stimulating movements produces in-depth effects. Based on the principle of across-the-body similarities, Kiyindo-Shiatsu® acts on tendons, muscles and joints. Its preventive action is remarkable. It also has concrete results on stress-, sleep- and digestion-related issues.

Isaac Vidjrakou
Healing break
October 13th to 21st 2018
World-renowned therapist and yoga instructor Isaac Vidjjrakou has been developing his personal massage technique for six years. Saki Massage Therapy combines the best of various age-old techniques, such as Thai massage, shiatsu, reflexology, Indian Head Message and Chinese Tuina. 


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