Art in the Park

Art in the Park

In partnership with the Geneva " Sculpture Garden " Biennial, six works to be admired until 10 September 2020

Since the summer of 2018, La Réserve Genève has the pleasure of offering you beautiful artistic emotions by exhibiting works of art. This summer, as part of the second edition of the Geneva Sculpture Garden Biennial, you will have a chance to admire six works of art in our grounds.

Artworks by Nuri Koerfer
1981, CH-DE – Styrofoam, papier-mâché, fiberglass, resin
Insel, (crocodile), 2019 – 180 × 85 × 109 cm
Der Bote, (dragonfly), 2019 – 105 × 90 × 76 cm
Dogends, 2019 – 14 × 43 × 43 cm
Over spiraling, 2019 – 64 × 85 × 63cm
Our relationships with the objects around us and the way we move among them are central topics within Nuri Koerfer’s sculpture practice. Her works often take on the shape of animals, but even without any recognizable form they confront us with something that has been alive for a long time, often longer than us. The chairs in the grounds of La Réserve Genève are an invitation to pause in time and overcome the habit of approaching art only through the gaze. Please sit down, feel your body entering into contact with these other bodies, and envisage a fundamentally different perception of life and time.

The work by Takis
1925, GR – Signal, 1974-1980 – 500 × 130 × 130 cm - Bronze and steel
MAMCO collection (previously AMAM collection), Mr. Georges Embiricos donation
Takis has chosen to explore in his work the energy of magnetic fields. Like his colleagues of Nouveau Réalisme, he integrates movement, light, music, and magnets in his sculptures. Always experimenting, Takis combines references to archaic Greek sculpture and technological objects. The work presented here, from the “Signals” series, perfectly illustrates this merging of natural forces and technology, as well as classic form and modernity.

The work by Francesco Vezzoli
1971, IT
Portrait of Sophia Loren as the Muse of Antiquity (After Giorgio de Chirico), 2011
190 × 60 × 60 cm – Gilt bronze - Presented by Bulgari 
Draped in the robes of the Greek goddess Ariane, the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren has been rendered life-size and balanced on a small plinth, surveying the world around her. Gathered in her arms are small replicas of buildings, like portable symbols of some magnificent gesture of civic generosity.

Exhibition open to all - Until September 10, 2020 - Free parking
Thanks to this new partnership, La Réserve Genève is showing its desire to perpetuate its support for the influence of art and its contribution to the cultural life of Geneva, by regularly renewing this type of event.


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