20-day challenge

20-day challenge

20 customized days with a team of top experts

Four weeks – from Monday to Friday to get back in top form without disrupting your working week: the 20-Day Challenge is an invitation to adopt a new rhythm within which exercise and nutrition become an integral part of your daily life. Four weeks with the teams at Spa Nescens La Réserve Genève to lose the kilos accumulated from beach parties, 20 days to boost both your positive energy and your Geneva network... And every weekend to relax, unless you prefer a little extra exercise.

A full assessment by health professionals

The personalized program developed for each individual is established on the basis of a complete assessment at the beginning of the challenge. Spa Nescens osteopaths perform a bone and joint check-up. The spa’s nutrition counsellor then goes on to provide a nutritional check-up that examines eating habits and follows up with a list of dietary recommendations. To ensure that you stick to your personalized nutritional recommendations, Café Lauren is available to prepare breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.  Convenient when slipping in an early morning workout before going to work or during your lunch break.

Undoubtedly the best of good resolutions to finally achieve mind & body fulfillment, not to mention a whole different way of life!

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20-day challenge


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